Our Mission

Qi-Practices™ was born from the notion that everyone can practice Qi Gong principles and reap the benefits. It is not only for a certain type or class of person, or if you have money to study with a specific master, rather if taught in a simple straightforward way, there is always a way to teach and learn these ancient principles. Qipractices™ is our trademark of a combined 40+ years of experience in natural medicine, Chinese medicine, martial arts, qi gong, acupuncture and clinical and teaching experience in the aforementioned subjects. The internal practices are deeply profound as well as basic and simple as any classical text will state.

The foundation of qipractices™ was formed by our combined experience. We deeply believe that everyone can learn these practices and use the principles in any aspect of their lives, whether it be to strengthen their vitality, tonify their physical body, calm and regulate their emotions, become more sensitive and conscious of their internal landscape or for deep spiritual development. Qipractices™ introduces and teaches principles that are essential to any internal arts system and presents it in an extremely straightforward way. We strive to take out the intimidation factor and stigma associated with learning qigong and the internal arts. Our emphasis is on daily practice and empowering each individual to use these time-tested exercises to refine their own intuition and master their own lives.  

~ Our Teaching Approach and Philosophy ~

We believe in classical and traditional Qigong training and internal energy techniques. However, we are also big believers in the practicality of life and whatever path someone may be on. The way we teach combines these two ideals. Our Qi gong classes utilize natural movements that are found in traditional Qi gong training combined with other simple stretching and channel opening techniques that powerfully open the meridians of the body and stabilize the nervous system. Classes are fundamentally medicinal and healing in nature where energetic and physical alignments are highly emphasized. Additionally, Daoist philosophies and Chinese elemental theories are consistently interwoven throughout the entire practice.

Zeigua Teaching Method™

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***Please consult your primary healthcare provider, medical doctor and or mental health therapist before engaging in any new physical exercise routine, specialized breathing practice and or meditation system.***

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