Qigong Key Principles

Upon first glance, when one sees someone practicing Qigong forms, on the exterior, the movements may appear mundane, simplistic and often painfully slow. However, a trained eye is able to see the aesthetic ease of the integrated whole body that is the epitome of Qigong practice, all packaged within the simplistic and natural looking movements.

The foundations of Qigong breathing and movement exercises are deeply rooted in Chinese Medicine and the number one principle for creating and maintaining vibrant health is to first and foremost: balance and harmonize the two universal primal forces of “Yin” (“Earth-Water-Softness”) and “Yang” (“Heaven-Fire-Hardness”) within oneself, to help prevent illness and disease, speed-up recovery from injury and build back vibrant health.

Another key principle infused into Qigong practice is “Wu Wei” (“Effortless Action”). It means that whenever you engage in any kind of work, study, skill, exercise, art form and or action, do your best to avoid over-doing or under-doing something. The ancient principle of Wuwei advises individuals to see the wisdom of not over “straining” or “pushing” too hard at the wrong time when trying to achieve a goal. Rather, Wuwei principle encourages you to pay more attention to timing and recognizing the best times to stop and best times to continue any action, so your personal energy and efforts are not drained nor wasted. Conservation of your life-force through the proper understanding and application of Wuwei principle is another key component for achieving “Effortless Power.”

Qigong movements should look “Natural” and “Simple,” making it easier to manifest these two additional key principles into your body. Whilst the complexity of the physical manifestations of movement are varied depending on the level of the practitioner as well as the purpose for the practice, the remaining constant of Qigong practice is the emphasis on deep “Integration” within the entire body. More importantly, integration of the mind’s intentions and thoughts with the heart, to calm the emotions and stabilizes the nervous system, is another key principle that allows for even more correct performance of the physical alignments.

When all the above combined key principles begin to synchronize, as a consequence of regularly practicing the graceful Qigong movements and forms, your internal landscape also begins to reflect and match the exterior of your body’s movements and the beauty of all these combined alchemical processes produces the long term health benefits that have been well known and documented for thousands of years!

Zeigua Teaching Method™

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