Why Practice Qigong Slowly?

The fast paced reality of a life disconnected from nature and consumed with technology, instant gratification and mindless scrolling leaves the human unable to fully connect with all the aspects of their human potential.  Qipractices™ methodology looks to correct this on a fundamental level. When we slow down, we allow the racing thoughts of our intellectually fervent and developed minds to stop and meet, in real-time, the actual capacity of our physical body and nervous system. In doing so, the heart is able to re-regulate emotional anxieties and calmly bring expectations and capacity to within reason.

A slower pace of life not only helps keep your thoughts and actions aligned, present and grounded in the here and now, but ironically, it has become a key ingredient for gaining the stamina and longevity necessary for surviving our incredibly fast changing world.

When we practice slowly and with enough repetition, the body is better able to integrate its systems; the nervous system supports and strengthens the physical body rather than being overwhelmed by it. The right amount of repetition, not doing too much nor doing not too little, allows the mind to calm down ridding anxieties of what is to come next, thus regulation of the entire neuroendocrine system is possible. This in turns develops a true connection power that over time produces robust health.

Zeigua Teaching Method™

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