The Zeigua Teaching Method™ Principles and The Three Basins

A unique "Geometric" approach to learning and understanding various forms and styles of Qigong, Internal Martial Arts and other dynamic forms of movement.

Method of distilling the essence of Ancient principles and body methods through the simple shapes of the CIRCLE, SQUARE, TRIANGLE and the Three Basins.

Created by Master Instructor Joseph Zeisky in 2002, to better help his students learn the more demanding aspects of classical qigong and internal martial arts training, the Zeigua Teaching Method™ primarily uses three sacred geometric shapes and their corresponding energetic "frequencies." It intuitively guides students in moving in the unique and subtle ways that are practiced throughout the internal arts world. Joseph focused on using the simplicity of The CIRCLE, The SQUARE, The TRIANGLE shapes and The Three Basins, as the fundamental frameworks from which to facilitate a greater connection within an individual's mind, body and spirit. The primary goal of the Zeigua teaching methodology is to help people develop movement that is more natural, effortless and powerful.

CIRCLE-shape-principle / HEAVEN
The Subtle Spiritual Force that Animates All Matter in the Universe

The CIRCLE-shape-principle / HEAVEN Sphere, represents the celestial energies of the Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets, Galaxies and other unique Solar systems, all being sustained and animated by the same one mysterious and subtle universal force, the "AETHER," "source field" or "God force." This universal force directly influences all life on earth, having the nature of oneness, constancy and stillness; simultaneously, this one force is also in a constant state of movement and change. On a human level, heaven's energy manifests in the body as a sense of inner and outer spaciousness and lightness through-out the whole body, especially at the joints. One useful imagery to facilitate this kind of feeling is to visualize being a soft white cumulous cloud freely floating in the clear blue skies on a bright sunny day!

"CIRCLE-principle" forms and energy exercises mimic the lightness and subtlety of clouds, the limbs and torso of the body avoids making hard straight lines and or overly-stretched-out limbs, instead, the body molds itself to favor curved, round, oval and spherical-like shapes that softly and silently move and "float about" in spirals and circles.

SQUARE-shape-principle / EARTH
The Physical Laws, Cycles & Ordered Structure of Manifested Things


The SQUARE-shape-principle / EARTH Dimension, represents all terrestrial energies on earth, such as the architecturally beautiful flowers, trees, rocks, mountains, rivers, lakes, oceans, insects, animals, humans, etc. All these physical manifestations are actually slower vibrating matter and denser forms of celestial energy; they are the many faces and multiple aspects of the one mysterious subtle force of the universe. Careful observation of Nature reveals a high degree of order and structure, as consistently demonstrated by the faithful repetition of the cyclical four seasons, each and every year. Nature also utilizes the same 64 Codex genes (from the DNA double helix) to build all living things, such as precisely creating square and rectangularly shaped cells to help trees stand upright against gravity.

"Square-principle" forms and exercises have a more clearly defined body structure, connection and purpose. Greater emphasis is placed on training the legs, feet, hips and waist in order to develop a stronger energetic root to the earth. This category of exercises progressively trains the body in lower and/or wider stances, in order to further develop leg strength, stamina and inner balance.

TRIANGLE-shape-principle / HUMAN
Humanity's Clever Use of The Heaven and Earth Powers and Principles

The TRIANGLE shape-principle / HUMAN Perspective, represents how a positively focused human mind can intelligently utilize the energies of heaven and earth for its own survival and benefit; its the clever human applications of the heaven and earth powers. One example of human observation and ingenuity found that a triangularly shaped glass/crystal prism can refract heaven's sunlight into a beautiful rainbow of colors and hues for artistic use. Similarly, the same sunlight was observed to be able to create an intense heat and fire by simply positioning a magnifying glass/crystal lens at just the right angle and distance. Additionally, another important human observation confirmed that lunar cycles and specific times during the seasonal changes, helped farmers optimize the best times to sow their seeds and harvest their crops. Collectively, proper timing and knowing the most optimal positions, angles and intensities from which to move easily in any direction are some of the primary aspect of the triangle-principle forms and exercises.

"TRIANGLE-principle" forms, drills and exercises further tempers the body by emphasizing more lengthening and stretching of the limbs and torso, as well as introducing more practical body-mechanics that can be used in self-defense. Taking a triangularly shaped stance, where one leg is more forward than the other, will allow the wholebody to advance and or retreat more quickly. Practicing the advancing and retreating drills while in a triangular structure, not only improves the coordination necessary for effective martial applications but also improves an overall sense of timing and body awareness.


Specific body heights, levels and intensities from which to practice forms and exercises that help support unique health giving properties and purposes.

UPPER-Basin / conserves and restores vitality.

Body height is tall and upright with the legs long and straight, but the knees remain unlocked, loose and pliable; bending at the knees happens but is very slight. When the body is injured and or heavily fatigued and your mind tired, doing exercises at the upper body height positions helps relax inner tension and restore your energy reserves. Emphasis is on movements being smaller, less expressive and more subtle in order to conserve vitality and minimize loss of your Qi (lifeforce energy).

MIDDLE-Basin / grounds, builds lifeforce, increases balance and leg strength.

The body "sits" lower onto the legs and maintains an even pressure on the thighs while moving and or standing still, this stimulates the kidney meridian points of the feet and legs to produce more "jing" ("essence of the body") energy. The angle of bending and hinging from the knees ranges between 15º-25º degrees, so that the stances are not too deep and low nor too light and high, just tasked enough to smoothly and evenly build internal strength.

LOWER-Basin / tonifies, strengthens and develops wholebody power.

Leg stances are much wider and the ranges of knee bending are more dramatic and demanding. The angle of knee bend, that is maintained while either in a static posture and or moving, ranges between 25º-45º degrees; basically, the thighs are parallel to the floor while exercising! Additionally, lower-basin training also involves full-range leg bending and squatting forms to fully "cleanse" the legs. Only after an individual is comfortable and shows proficiency in the upper and middle basin ranges of movement are they then encouraged to take-on building their overall body power to this more challenging level. 

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