About Qi-Practices™

Qi-Practices™ are unique wholebody qigong exercises for integrating the most intimately connected aspects of ourselves: the mind-body-breath-heart and spirit dimensions. We use graceful rhythmic movements and forms as the main vehicle by which to synchronize these inner and outer facets. We’re not fancy, flashy or trendy, just competent, clear and practical distillations of the classical traditions.

Built into our dynamic exercises are key ancient Chinese medicine principles: such as learning how to efficiently balance the two primal forces of the universe, the strong “YANG” hard-fire-energies with it’s equally important and complementary subtle “YIN” soft-water-energies. These two core forces are constantly and seamlessly blending and interacting with each other with the noble purpose of reaching deeper levels of harmony and “Qi” flow. Ultimately, qipractices™ is about practical ways of tapping into these endless sources of pure energy and wisdom for renewed inspiration, strength and wellbeing!

Zeigua Teaching Method™

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***Please consult your primary healthcare provider, medical doctor and or mental health therapist before engaging in any new physical exercise routine, specialized breathing practice and or meditation system.***

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