"Qi Gong" / "Qigong" / "qigong" is most commonly pronounced as "Chee-Gung." It is also less commonly written as "Chi-Kung."

"Qi" -"lifeforce," "bio-electromagnetic-energy," "The Aether," "The Force."

"Gong" -"effort, time and energy spent practicing and perfecting an art and or skill."

When the two Chinese characters above are combined to form the phrase "qi gong," it more specifically translates as sets of beautiful rhythmic movements that are infused with specialized breathing methods. These forms and practices train your mind and heart to skillfully circulate your internal lifeforce and store this vitality into the center of your body. The ultimate purpose of qigong discipline is to learn how to improve your overall well-being and strengthen your body with just the right amount of effort; "Not doing too much and not doing too little."

To the untrained eye qigong exercises may seem like basic calisthenics, but the primary difference from common fitness routines is the way your "mind-purpose," "mental awareness" and "spiritual understanding” are simultaneously developed within the physical forms. This wholistic approach results in movements that are more connected and stable, allowing your breath to also progressively develop and deepen.

Qi gong breathing methods combined with soft circular movements and "relaxed power," are not only great for further oxygenating the blood, but they are also the key ingredients in  balancing your emotions and clearing your mind. It's a potent recipe for health that has been well-documented and researched throughout the world’s universities and hospitals, helping individuals recover from serious injury and illness, as well as helping people regain their vitality.

Zeigua Teaching Method™

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***Please consult your primary healthcare provider, medical doctor and or mental health therapist before engaging in any new physical exercise routine, specialized breathing practice and or meditation system.***

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