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What we are all about

Qi-Practices™ are unique wholebody qigong exercises for integrating the most intimately connected aspects of ourselves: the mind-body-breath-heart and spirit dimensions. We use graceful rhythmic movements and forms as the main vehicle by which to synchronize these inner and outer facets. We’re not fancy, flashy or trendy, just competent, clear and practical distillations of the classical traditions. Built into our dynamic exercises are key ancient Chinese medicine principles: such as learning how to efficiently balance the two primal forces of the universe, the strong “YANG” hard-fire-energies with it’s equally important and complementary subtle “YIN” soft-water-energies. These two core forces are constantly and seamlessly blending and interacting with each other with the noble purpose of reaching deeper levels of harmony and “Qi” flow. Ultimately, qipractices™ is about practical ways of tapping into these endless sources of pure energy and wisdom for renewed inspiration, strength and wellbeing!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in a subscription plan?

All of our value added subscription plans give you full access to our main video library 24/7 and to our weekly Sunday morning live-streamed class!

Can I use my mobile phone?

Yes! Our platform is compatible with and works very well on most of the main Apple/Android smartphones and their web browsers, such as: Safari, Chrome, Brave.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time during your billing cycle and still have access till the end date of that billing cycle, but there are no refunds. After cancelling, no further charges will be incurred on your card from the end date of your billing cycle going forward.

Can I buy or rent only specific videos?

Yes! You can choose to only purchase or rent specific videos without having to subscribe to any of our other value added plans. Excellent way to get a better taste and feel for what we do and how we do it.

I'm a complete beginner, where should I start?

Most of our videos are well suited for complete beginners, but we would like to recommend Where To Begin Your Qi-Practices™ as an excellent place to start.

How do I use your qi-practices™ platform?

We've been working hard to design a platform that is as straight forward as possible, easy to navigate, robust with functionality and dependable. With all this built-in technology and capacity, even we get pleasantly surprised when we discover new ways to use it! So, we're in the process of producing a "how-to-use-qipractices™ video" to guide newbies and current users alike, on how best to maximize your qipractices.tv user experience!  COMING SOON!